Advocates and legal consultants in Dubai

Advocates and legal consultants in Dubai
Advocates and legal consultants in Dubai
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Abdalla Alowais advocates and legal consultants in dubai stands as a distinguished and leading law firm based in the United Arab Emirates. Our team of skilled Dubai lawyers excels in addressing a wide range of intricate legal needs. Whether you’re seeking expert guidance from UAE lawyers, searching for top legal professionals and law firms in Dubai to assist with debt recovery, seeking legal representation in Dubai Courts and UAE Courts in general, or planning to establish, restructure, or launch a business, including company incorporation and startup ventures in Dubai and the UAE, we have you covered.

 commercial banking lawyer
commercial banking lawyer

Full legal services and advocates and legal consultants in dubai

Our comprehensive legal services in the UAE cover a wide spectrum of legal aspects. At Abdalla Al Owais advocates and legal consultants in Dubai, we offer expert guidance on all facets of Dubai Law and UAE Law, including 

Contract drafting, business establishment in Dubai and the UAE, company incorporation, joint ventures, Free Zone Companies

Offshore Companies, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, UAE Labor Law, handling employment disputes, property disputes, Banking Law, Insurance Law, and Debt Recovery.

Our Dubai lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of the UAE legal system, including its laws and customs. 

These seasoned legal professionals serve as trusted legal advisors in Dubai, catering to a diverse clientele that includes multinational corporations and small private enterprises alike.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a conversation regarding your commercial legal needs with our seasoned team of business lawyers based in Dubai. 

Additionally, you can explore the steps to safeguard your business in the UAE amid the global pandemic.”

 best law firms in dubai
best law firms in dubai

Best Commercial Lawyers in Dubai 

Recognized as the finest commercial lawyers in Dubai, UAE, Abdalla Alowais advocates and legal consultants in Dubai and his accomplished team excel in diverse domains of commercial law. 

They are dedicated to delivering top-tier Company Incorporation Services with an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional client service, ensuring mutual success. 

If you require legal support in corporate law matters, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our incorporation lawyers in Dubai. We are ever-prepared to offer our assistance.

Having advocates and legal consultants in Dubai with a diverse skill set is a valuable asset for your business. 

These skills encompass an extensive understanding of contract law, tax law, securities law, intellectual property rights, accounting, bankruptcy, licensing law.

DIFC insolvency law, or any other legal domain relevant to your business. 

Additionally, such lawyers contribute positively to your business’s image by excelling in professional written communication and demonstrating exceptional negotiation skills.


Finally,we’re here to be your legal partners in Dubai, addressing your commercial legal concerns with a team of experienced business lawyers. Whether it’s discussing your specific needs or exploring ways to protect your business during these challenging global times, we’re just a call away. Trust in our expertise to guide you through the legal intricacies and help safeguard your business interests. Contact us today for a proactive approach to securing your business in the UAE.