A spectrum of opportunities

Abdalla Alowais advocates and legal consultants being one of the leading law firms in the region offers a spectrum of opportunities for those outstanding legal and non-legal professional to grow and develop their future with us. We believe in providing a motivated and peaceful work environment for our team.

What We Offer?

  • Integrated Training and Development
  • Competitive Employee Benefits
  • Flexible Working Environment
  • Multi-linguistic Environment
  • Cultural Amalgamation
Career-Abdalla Alowais Advocates and Legal Consultants

Cultural Amalgamation

It is not just about the languages we speak, but the culture and the tradition we bring in together just like the country we are based in. We respect every tradition, culture, race and unite them under one umbrella: Abdalla Alowais Advocates and Legal Consultants

Integrated Training and Development

At Abdalla Alowais Advocates and Legal Consultants, we just do not seek to hire people and work with us. We build relationship with our employees. We provide the best training and development to our employees enabling them to improve the skills and develop their career.

Best Employee Benefits

We believe in simple principle; every employee should receive an appreciating reward when they perform well. This is one of the key attributes which we have been following since 2011, the year of foundation.

Multi-Linguistic Environment

Our team consists of a wide team of lawyers who hail from different parts of the world and able to communicate in multiple language. Most of our employees benefit due to this since we believe that the more languages you speak, the easier it is to connect to the open world.