We have the best Commercial Lawyers in Dubai who can help you with all your legal commercial business needs and issues.

Abdalla Alowais Advocates and Consultants has been working with various domestic and international clients for past 11 years by providing legal advice in a well-tailored manner and we believe that this is the reason behind our success. 

Our team of legal consultants and lawyers specializing in commercial law are well versed with the commercial law from every aspect and have a great grasp of knowledge. The team housed at Abdalla Alowais advocates and legal consultants hold expertise in reviewing and drafting commercial documents such as 

  1. Sale purchase agreement 
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association  
  3. Lease Agreements 
  4. Settlement agreements 
  5. Developer agreements 
  6. Management agreements 
  7. Franchise agreements 

Our company can provide you with all legal advice regarding all your contractual relationships with your customers, distributors or suppliers as well, and anyone you deal with formally in your business.
We also help you with all the commercial slaves that support your commercial activities on a daily basis.

Commercial attorney services

The commercial prospect analyzes all types of transactions that the client may carry out in order to try to preserve and protect his commercial interests from potential risks.

The attorney will also assist you in all procedures for any legal claims for your business that the state may require of you.

Which will save you a lot of time, effort, and the risk of stopping business due to any incomplete legal procedures.

It also handles all your commercial agreements such as disclaimers for example.

We have mentioned that we can provide all commercial consultations in general and commercial contract drafting services in full, and we can also do all commercial agency arrangements.

This is like franchising and distribution arrangements, and we can also deal with all commercial legal issues in the United Arab Emirates.

We have a deep knowledge and understanding that makes us strong in the regulatory and legal environment within the United Arab Emirates.

We also have relationships with almost all local regulatory authorities, which keeps us abreast of legal developments that help us take the required measures.

This helps us achieve your legal and commercial goals through our legal advice and accurate guidance, and the lowest cost among all other law firms.

Our office works according to international standards and guarantees results for all its clients, due to the great experience of our team in dealing with many different commercial issues.

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