Highly experienced, and qualified team of legal professionals and consultants specialized in the construction sector

Construction sector in the United Arab Emirates has been progressing rapidly over the years.

However rapid progression has given rise to various problems within the sector and resulting in enormous litigations being initiated and faced by construction companies. 

Abdalla Alowais houses a compact, highly experienced, and qualified team of legal professionals and consultants specialized in the construction sector representing a huge clientele constituting various contractors, state owned entities and other large scale construction entities.

Our team of professionals are qualified to handle disputes and appear before major Arbitral institutions such as DIAC and DIFC courts.

Construction law

Construction is the basis of all business and is considered one of the most important basics of life in general, from homes to schools, companies, offices, shops and many other buildings.

But in any construction process you will naturally need a construction law attorney, you can hire us as we are the best construction law firm in the UAE.

Our firm has a distinguished reputation among all law firms, and this is the opinion of our clients about us, due to our great experience in building law and that our team is distinguished and specialized in this type of procedures.

Therefore, trust that you are in a safe hand when dealing with us. We take care of all legal procedures and we are fully responsible for the procedures and documents.

We have local and regional experience outside the borders of the Emirates, and we will be with you in all steps of the project, starting from the idea of ​​​​a project, all the way to the actual start, construction and all maintenance and operation services.

And We can guide you fully to protect you from any legal problem related to the construction process

We are fully responsible for contracting services in your construction process and also resolving all disputes as well as contracting services.

Why do customers choose us?

All our clients acknowledge that we contribute to all their achievements in the construction and development industry, which is why our firm is rated as the best law firm in the UAE.

This is because our team is dedicated in its work in a way that makes all procedures take place faster than you expect, and we also try to resolve all disputes out of court.

Our team conducts a detailed assessment of the dispute before starting to find any solutions, in order to determine your chances of success in this dispute, and from here we start providing our services.

Our team also provides a lot of advice and legal advice to its clients due to the great experience that we have, which extends for many years.

We also conduct thorough legal research to ensure that we understand all aspects of the case and how to deal with it.

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