A proven track record over the years defending clients on felony and misdemeanor charges.

In criminal matters our team of legal professionals and lawyers plays an important to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Abdalla Alowais Advocates and Legal Consultants have a proven track record over the years defending clients on felony and misdemeanor charges. We believe that a criminal charge can affect an individual’s life, therefore we study your matter thoroughly before we could issue you with the best advice.    

We provide best legal advice on various criminal litigation matters including 

  1. Initiating complaints at the police station  
  2. Drafting legal notices
  3. Managing claims and settlements

The best law firm in criminal cases

We have a team in the best law firm in the United Arab Emirates Abdalla Alowais Advocates and Legal Consultants, that has achieved many successes in previous criminal cases in the United Arab Emirates, as it is considered one of the most dangerous cases that need professionals and specialists who are aware of the criminal law and its loopholes so that they can solve the cases and anticipate all the coordinates of the case and try to find Logical solutions that convince the judiciary and help the accused in obtaining the appropriate judgment.

Our team has dealt with minor crimes and other serious crimes, so it has a great ability to control and control your case.

Criminal law in the UAE operates in accordance with Islamic law, so it requires a certain understanding so that the lawyer can work on its basis.

We take care of all the details very carefully so that we can expect all the questions of the court and on the basis of providing fair evidence, after the advice between our office and our client.

Violent crimes

Violent crimes such as kidnapping, murder, assault and theft, we have dealt with by drawing plans and strategies for defense exceptionally by scrutinizing all charges against our client and thus trying to reach the best result in the least time.

Drug and drug crimes

This type of crime entails heavy penalties and fines as well, but with our long experience we can deal with this type of case and we will provide you with the best legal advice as well, just contact us.

Defamation cases

One of the most common cases in the United Arab Emirates is also defamation cases, which are false statements directed to another person in order to affect his reputation, but through our office we will help you protect your reputation and even obtain compensation for that as well.

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