Dubai law firms and their services

Dubai law firms and their services
Dubai law firms and their services
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Dubai law firms, Are you not finding the top legal firms in the United Arab Emirates when you search for them? It may seem difficult to get the top legal firm services in the UAE, since many claim to be the most skilled and knowledgeable. If there were pertinent data, this process would appear simple. Good Firms is a list of Dubai law firms and UAE legal service companies ranked by track record to help you in your quest. Associated quality, dependability, and ability evaluations aid in a thorough evaluation of these businesses. 

 corporate and commercial law firm
corporate and commercial law firm

Dubai law firms

With over 100 solicitors at our offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Abdalla Alowais legal firm is a preeminent independent legal practice in the United Arab Emirates.

The following tenets served as the foundation for the company:

  • Honesty
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Giving sensible legal counsel

These values continue to be the foundation of our company.

Since the United Arab Emirates was founded in 1971, we have also evolved. 

We have expanded to become a globally recognized full-service commercial legal practice that provides assistance to domestic and foreign customers as well as government agencies. 

We have so many years of expertise and are familiar with the customs, regulations, possibilities, and difficulties unique to our area.

Our attorneys come from a variety of backgrounds; many have worked as in-house attorneys as well as having trained and practiced in Western and other Middle Eastern countries. 

All UAE courts and tribunals provide our team of advocates, who dominate the industry, the right of audience. 

Our attorneys speak Arabic, English, and the majority of the other major business languages in the area with ease.

We are still trusted to provide advice on the most innovative, intricate, and important transactions and projects in the United Arab Emirates because of the caliber and variety of our legal staff.

 best legal firms in dubai
best legal firms in dubai

The first Initial Public Offering

We represented the Abu Dhabi Offsets Office in the formation of Abu Dhabi Ship Building PJSC (ADSB) and the public issuance of over 50% of its shares. 

This was the first UAE IPO held in line with international norms, and it resulted in the building of the region’s largest dockyard.

The top attorneys in Dubai are found at Abdalla Alowais International Legal Consultants

They have extensive backgrounds in criminal law, property and real estate law, criminal bankruptcy, bounced checks, labor and employment, and debt collection (no win, no fee). 

Our local attorneys in Dubai are well-versed in the many laws that apply in Dubai, UAE. 

One of the top law firms in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is the Office of Abdalla Alowais.

We assist our customers in locating the most qualified and expert lawyers and advocates from reputable legal companies. 

The competence and skill of trained attorneys will assist our clients in having their case effectively presented before the courts.


To sum up, Abdalla Alowais is considered one of the best Dubai law firms, you can ever deal with, and to get some more information you can contact us now.