Offer legislative and regulatory legal advice for properties across UAE for clients ranging from public & private developers, investors, landlords & tenants, etc.

Our team of legal professionals and lawyers have years of expertise in matters involving Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and real estate regulatory bodies. Abdalla Alowais Advocates and Legal Consultants have an expert team of lawyers and legal professionals who advice our clients on various matters such as 

  1. Construction and Real Estate development
  2. Cancelled Projects
  3. Musataha Agreements 
  4. Real estate investment Trusts
  5. Tenancy related matters
  6. Termination of off plan real estate contracts

What are the services of a real estate lawyer?

Real estate attorneys handle transactions of real estate property, as it is to some extent interchangeable with real estate such as land and any permanent and fixed structure in place.

If you want to buy a new home, buying real estate does not require you to go to court.

However, it is possible for the commercial lawyer to prepare and review all documents for the purchase of this house, such as the sales contract and any other agreements between you and the seller, as well as review and transfer of title documents.

This lawyer will also attend the closing session either virtually or in person.

Advantages of dealing with a real estate attorney

The lawyer is also responsible for any additional transactions and procedures such as conducting a search for property and insurance on this property, in order to ensure that there are no liens due against the house or property that you want to buy.

The lawyer will also assist you as a third party in the sale process between you and the seller and is responsible for the documents related to the money transfer as well.

Also the lawyer will assist you in the event of any problem arising that may hinder the sale of the house or property.

Our law firm ensures that you follow all procedures in accordance with UAE law, and we also care about real estate taxes and how to divide it for use.

Our company is licensed to deal with all legal practices in all different cases, including real estate procedures.

We have many years of experience in dealing with buying and selling in the field of real estate, which made us aware of all the loopholes and problems and we can deal with them fully without the need to go back to court.

Our office has a real estate lawyer team that specializes in this type of transaction and can provide you with all legal advice in the field of real estate.

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