Top law firms in Dubai for all legal services

Top law firms in Dubai for all legal services
Top law firms in Dubai for all legal services
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UAE has one of the most responsive and transparent legal systems to support the economic framework alongside top law firms in Dubai, including the office of Abdullah Al Owais. As multiple law firms provide legal services to both individuals and organizations, many international law firms have set up offices in the mainland and free zones to serve both international and local businesses.

 top law firms in dubai
top law firms in dubai

Top law firms in Dubai

There are many top law firms in Dubai, but the Abdalla Alowais Advocates and Legal Consultants has a privileged place with all clients and a great trust that he succeeded in gaining over the past years.

Where he provides you with legal advice appropriate to your case exactly from lawyers and specialized consultants and experience in the field.

Under the wise leadership of Abdullah Al Owais, the law firm has become one of the most popular law firms in Dubai and other emirates. 

The multidisciplinary law firm offers specialized legal solutions in personal injury legal matters, criminal defense, civil matters, arbitration, family law, etc.

The office dealt with thousands of previous cases of various kinds and succeeded in representing the clients before the court, recovering the clients’ rights, and winning the case in their favor with distinction.

Some areas of Abdullah Al Owais law firm

Major law firms in Dubai provide services in a variety of legal fields including family cases, construction and real estate issues, and employment issues.

  • Lawyers strive to provide a safe and just solution to family matters, taking into account the best interests of children and the rights of individuals.
  • Construction and real estate issues: The office specializes in providing legal advice on construction and real estate issues, including real estate contracts and disputes between developers and buyers.
  • Attorneys aim to protect the rights of clients in real estate transactions and ensure compliance with applicable local laws.
  • Employment issues: The office provides specialized legal services for employment issues, such as fair dismissal, wage claims, and discrimination in the workplace.
  • Lawyers seek to protect workers’ rights, achieve justice in the work environment, and ensure employers’ compliance with labor legislation.
  • Comprehensive legal advice: The office provides comprehensive legal advice to its clients in all the aforementioned areas, which helps them make the right legal decisions.
  • Lawyers work to provide legal advice based on knowledge and experience to achieve the best results for their clients.

By using the services of our office among the top law firms in Dubai, clients can benefit from multiple legal specializations to deal with their cases in a family, construction, real estate, and employment issues efficiently and effectively.

We believe in the importance of protecting the rights of our clients and working to achieve the best results for them. Whether your case is small or large, we are committed to providing quality service and treating each case with care and consideration.

 commercial law firms
commercial law firms

Abdullah Al Owais Office for Criminal Law Issues

Our specialized law firm in criminal law is pleased to offer its comprehensive and specialized services to clients facing multifaceted criminal cases. We leverage our expertise and experience to defend your rights and ensure justice within the criminal legal system.

Features of Our Services:

  • A team of experienced lawyers specializing in criminal law.
  • Innovative and updated legal strategies to defend you in court.
  • Complete dedication to clients, working to fully understand case details.
  • Providing well-considered legal advice for informed decision-making.
  • Effective representation before judicial authorities and the court.
  • Maintaining your privacy and handling cases with the utmost confidentiality.

Whether you’re facing criminal charges or need to defend your rights, our firm provides you with the necessary support and legal guidance. 

We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for you and working towards justice within the criminal legal system.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that our law firm always strives to provide the best specialized legal services to our clients in various fields, whether you need legal representation in family, construction, real estate, and employment cases, or in criminal law cases, our team of specialized lawyers is ready to provide support and guidance necessary.