Commercial lawyers in Dubai

Commercial lawyers in Dubai
Commercial lawyers in Dubai
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Commercial lawyers in Dubai, The legal profession may be complicated, particularly when talking about certain practice areas. Legalese can occasionally alter depending on the jurisdiction. When it comes to commercial law, often known as the “statute governing business and commercial transactions,” the aforementioned is accurate. However, it is difficult to know how all business activities fall under the purview of commercial lawyers in Dubai and who can help you in such a circumstance.

 law firm attorney
law firm attorney

Commercial lawyers in Dubai

Abdallah Alowais commercial and corporate attorneys in Dubai, UAE, and offers comprehensive legal services in all areas of commercial law, 

Including selling, purchasing, importing, exporting, transportation, brokerage, and security laws and regulations. 

We can also give interested investors with a comprehensive survey on obtaining a secure and steady investment and return, as well as a bargaining strategy.

The members of our distinguished team of commercial lawyers take great pride in their achievements and their ability to apply business and commercial law knowledge to a wide range of internal and external company transactions and investments. 

We also think it’s important to take into account the professional judgment of experts from within the company when deciding on crucial matters that impact retail and business transactions, 

Such agreements, corporate finance, intellectual property, alternative dispute resolution, consumer protection policies, and more.

 best lawyers in dubai
best lawyers in dubai

Why to choose Abdalla Alowais Legal Firm?

Our corporate and commercial legal team’s main advantage is the individuals who are flexible and nimble, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in both international and interjurisdictional cases. 

Furthermore, because of the wide range of sectors we serve, our staff has extensive experience with all types of commercial concerns that are registered in the nation, Regardless of whether they are on the mainland or in a free zone. 

In general, the following categories of business or corporate cases are handled by our team:

Debt Collection; Business Configure for onshore or offshore companies; Shareholders Agreements; Drafting banking or financial agreements; 

Mergers/Acquisitions or joint ventures; Sale of Shares Agreements; Trade Licence or Intellectual Property Matters; 

Reseller agreements; commercial transaction terms and conditions; franchise agreement drafting; construction and MEP contracts 

Real Estate Transactions; Bankruptcy or insolvency Legal Petitions.

Because of their prior legal representations in valuable and complex commercial matters, the team of highly qualified Commercial Lawyers at Abdalla Alowais is able to provide standardized professional services that set them apart from other Commercial Lawyers in Dubai. 

Because of the useful approach, comprehension of the business environment, and consistent connections or network within the UAE local market, 

Our team is able to provide our clients with the most relevant and ideal commercial solution.

Our Commercial Lawyers are frequently urged to attend various conferences, 

And events inside and outside of their home countries in order to widen their horizons and get a local as well as an international perspective on commercial or corporate business transactions.


To sum up, If you are seeking to find the best commercial lawyers in dubai, you can easily contact us at Abdalla Alowais legal firm, so you can get the help you need.